Snake lake is located in the eastern part of Red Feather Lakes, where Ramona Dr meets the Dowdy Lake Rd. While it's one of our smaller lakes, it's a very good fishery that many members enjoy.

Fishing - Snake is a very good fishery. It's eco-system supports a variety of trout (rainbows, cutbows, palominos, brooks, and browns). With access along the south and east shorelines, it's well suited for bait fishing.

History - Snake was originally a classic irrigation reservoir, which had its water released during the later summer months. It was decreed in 1906 and became part of Red Feather's recreation "scene" beginning in the 1920's. In the 70's we raised the south dam which provided a bit more depth in the lake. In 1997 we worked with the USFS and County to move Dowdy Lake Road off the dam. Once that was completed, we reconstructed the dam and spillway. In 2017, 2,200' of ditch above Snake was piped. This improvement greatly improved our ability to fill the lake. In the mid-70's we eradicated an infestation of suckers and learned that there are several springs in the bottom of the lake. We remind all our members, don't let the name of the lake influence you, it's a great place to fish!

Snake depth contour