About RFS&I

Red Feather Storage and Irrigation Company is a non-profit organization, 501(c)(12), founded in 1948. We serve and are located in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.

Mission - To protect, maintain and develop water resources for the beneficial use, recreation, domestic purposes, and aesthetic enhancement for the people of Red Feather Lakes.

Assets - we own and manage diversion structures, ditches, lakes, and run water in accordance to our decrees. We also manage a private fishing program, with the goal of offering some of the best trout fishing in small lakes in northern Colorado.

Stockholders - we are a registered non-profit water company based on a structure of shares of stock. This stock is limited
in number and is only allowed one vote per shareholder. Shares are not openly traded and do not change in value of $100, nor do they generate dividends because of our non-profit status. A shareholder must be a property owner in Red Feather Lakes. Please contact our office to learn more or apply to purchase a share of stock.

Fishing Memberships - we have two kinds of fishing memberships. These are limited in number in order to provide our members the benefits of a quality private fishing experience. Both membership types permit two named adults and the option to add their children and/or grandchildren. Members can also buy guest permits. See the dues statement (on the left) for current prices and options.

Resident Boating Memberships - is a single year membership for residents of Red Feather Lakes, permiting them to boat on our lakes that we allow boats on. Residents are those within our initiated membership area that are either property owners or long-term renters. These boating memberships get two boating recreation badges with their names on them. They do not get any of the other benefits that fishing memberships get.

See our current Dues statement for membership costs, see our current Rules for use and restrictions, or contact our office for further information.

Overview Brochure - a double sided viewable or printable map and overview of RFS&I and the Red Feather Lakes area.