Letitia is located in the northeastern part of Red Feather Lakes, at the end of Letitia Drive. It's our second largest lake and an excellent fishery with all varieties of trout. Letitia is a popular fishing destination by our members and frequented by waterfowl and deer.

Fishing - Letitia is one of our most productive fisheries. It has a wonderful eco-system for plankton which supports all the bug hatches that happen during the course of the season. It supports a variety of trout, rainbows, cutbows, palominos, brooks, and browns. Its moderate depth and prolific ability to grow water plants (from algae to rooted aquatic plants), has led us to control them with both chemicals and grass carp. It has access along all shorelines except in a couple marshy areas. It's one of our boating lakes, with a put-in point on the south side. Because there are many easy access fishing areas, bait fishermen enjoy spending time there. And with its larger size, it's popular for fly fishing from a boat or float tube.

Letitia dam reconstruction, 80s History - Letitia is one of the two end points for the Mitchell Ditch. Letitia was decreed in 1919 and was part of Red Feather's recreation "scene" in the 1920's. In the early 1980's the dam was refurbished (see photo). In the mid-80's the Letitia leg of the Mitchell ditch was piped, and in 2017 the segment above the Snake/Letitia diversion was also piped. These improvements greatly improved our ability to fill the lake. Letitia is a great place for bait and fly fishermen alike!

Letitia depth contour