May 11 Summer fishing season is open!
May 25 Guest fishing begins (Saturday of Memorial Day weekend)
July 4-6 Ramona is closed for the Kids Fishing Contest


Water Status - We topped off the lower lakes last fall and all the lakes wintered well. The large snow in March was a big help in our quest to fill the lakes this spring. We started running water in early April and are part way through filling the lakes. If these small rainstorms persist, we should be able to fill everything except Erie by Memorial Day weekend.

Fishing Status - Opening day weekend proved to be popular due to nice weather (see the banner photo of Letitia) and excellent fishing. We again are stocking fish (12-15" rainbows, >3 lb. trophies, and palominos) from Crystal Springs Trout Farm. These were placed in all the lakes except Shagwa. The ratios stocked are 65% rainbows, 25% trophies, and 10% palominos. We also stocked some more Donaldson trout at Shagwa and put in 500 lbs. of fathead minnows at Nokomis. Idea being to further supplement the growth of the fish in Nokomis. As we always do, we tune the amount of fish based on the fish kept at the lakes. This is why it's so important to help our patrol staff know how many fish you're catching and keeping. Last summer we stocked a double load at Snake and this spring we stocked a double load at Letitia and one and half loads at Apache. Similarly, we stocked only a half load at Nokomis as that fishery is reaching its optimum capacity. We post a stocking report in the office window so please check there for the latest stocking information. Our next stocking will be in later June and this fall we'll stock some (very expensive) browns into Erie, Apache and Nokomis. Overall, the 2024 fishing season is off to a good start!

2023 Fall Projects - We completed a number of small maintenance projects last fall - work at the upper Mitchell headgate and Elkhorn headgate, cleaned out the toe drains at all the lakes, cleaned out the culvert east of Apache, and removed willows off the Hiawatha dam.

Boat Cleanup - We removed 4 boats from the lakes at the end of last fall's fishing season. Only one of the boats was properly stickered. If you forgot to remove your boat, you can arrange with the office for a time to come to our boat yard and identify it and bail it out for $200 + $5 boat registration. We want to thank everyone who removed their boats last year, this was the fewest boats we've ever had to deal with at the end of the year.