2016 Calendar

Sept 6 Office hours are Saturday mornings only until Oct 31
Oct 31 Fishing season closes

Water Status - we have filled all the lakes and have taken advantage of available water to refill Hiawatha. By topping off Hiawatha we'll be able to refill the lower lakes this fall.

Fishing status - we've had an excellent fishing season thus far and we've completed our June stocking of all the lakes. Summer brings us warmer water and typically slower fishing, but it's still better enjoying the lakes than being at home trying to avoid the heat!

Shagwa - on June 27th of last year (2015) we experienced a near 100% fish kill at Shagwa. We closed Shagwa to any further fishing and conducted several water tests in July and August. The early tests showed trace amounts of E.coli, which means sewage was entering the lake, and while not at the level to be a human health hazard it was sufficient to impact the fishery. Fortunately, water quality tests of the source water, and at Hiawatha and Papoose showed no water quality issues. We consulted with Larimer County Health Department and have their support as we work to find the source(s) of contamination. Our next steps will be:

As we've commented before, Shagwa is by far our most fragile ecosystem, and while some say "just restock it", we'd like to first see if we can understand how we can manage it better given the constraints of the ecosystem and human pressure around the lake.