Winter Ice fishing on Ramona and Apache will open from mid-December through early March, safe ice permitting
Nov-April Office hours by appointment only

Apache boat storage area Boat Storage - We continue to have too many boats left at our lakes year-round. To address this, we're initiating a program starting in November 2018, to either have boats removed or charging the owners to store them over the winter. Our first target will be Apache, see picture. We'll contact all registered boat owners there and take one of three actions this fall:

We'll expand this to Erie, Nokomis and Letitia in the fall of 2019, and Hiawatha in 2020.

Ice Fishing - will open on Ramona and Apache from mid-December to early March, safe ice permitting. By safe ice we mean, greater than 4 inches thick. As always, we strongly encourage our fishermen to be careful, especially around the edges of the lakes, where the ice can be much thinner. It is always good to fish with a buddy or around others, especially on Apache because the ice is not visible from nearby traffic. See page 2 of this brochure for more ice fishing safety tips. Ice fishing is open to members who either buy an ice fishing season pass for $80 or a daily ice fishing pass for $20. The only permitted day pass is the new ice fishing day pass (you can no longer use a child guest pass). Members can host guests with our usual daily escorted adult or child guest pass. We do not permit unescorted guests on the lakes during ice fishing. Since the office is closed during the winter, you must contact us more than two days in advance to purchase passes. Please leave a message with the office at 970-881-2175 or send your request by mail to PO Box 527. As for rules, the summer rules all apply, including possession limits (3 fish per lake for adults) and not keeping walleye at Apache under 17". If you are catching perch, you can keep as many as you like, but please do not return the perch to the lake. Finally, please wear your ice fishing badge or daily pass and member badge in a way that is visible to the patrolmen and other members. Also, place your name on the dashboard of your car so that when the patrolmen check, they know who you are. Have fun this winter!

Water Status - we had a good water year. A fortunate spring runoff allowed us to fill all the lakes including Shagwa. The mid-summer rains allowed us to top off a few of the lakes. This fall we filled the lower lakes and all of them are in good shape for the witner.

Fishing Status - we've had a very good year fishing. The first couple months had excellent fishing at all the lakes. Fishermen caught a variety of sizes and all types of trout, including the Palomino trout we stocked at all the lakes. The warm weather slowed the action in August, but the cooler weather has brought fishing back to life. We appreciated everyone filling out the survey cards at Apache and Nokomis to help us gain insights about the fisheries. Specifically, the impact of perch and the trout growth rates; and looking at mitigation methods, walleye in Apache, and catch-and-release in Nokomis. For a more complete update on this year's fishing. See you next spring for another year of great fishing!

Shagwa approaching filled

Shagwa - we completed dredging the lake last fall in order to increase the volume of the lake. We deepened the pool in front of the dam and created a pool and channel towards the south end. We completed filling the lake in May and completed installation of the new aeration system in October. We stocked fathead minnows in June, and stocked crayfish in August. We'll stock the lake with fish and open it for fishing spring of 2019. More details and background information on Shagwa.

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