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Oct 31 Fishing season closes

Apache boat storage area Boat Storage - We continue to have too many boats left at our lakes year-round. To address this, we're initiating a program starting in November 2018, to either have boats removed or charging the owners to store them over the winter. Our first target will be Apache, see picture. We'll contact all boat owners there and take one of three actions this fall:

We'll expand this to Erie, Nokomis and Letitia in the fall of 2019, and Hiawatha in 2020.

Water Status - we had a good spring runoff such that we filled all the lakes, including Shagwa. Starting late June we had enough rain to refill Hiawatha and add some water to the lower lakes. We're in good shape to finish the year.

Fishing Status - we had a great first half of excellent fishing at all the lakes. Fishermen caught a variety of sizes and all types of trout, including the Palomino trout we stocked at all the lakes. The Palomino are a hybrid rainbow trout that are not a Golden Trout. By genetic cross-breeding of rainbows; the Palomino colors will range from light green to yellow. The Palomino grow as fast as regular rainbow and seem to be more disease resistant. Please continue filling out the survey cards at Apache and Nokomis to help us gain insights about the fisheries. Specifically, the impact of perch and the trout growth rates; and looking at mitigation methods, walleye in Apache, and catch-and-release in Nokomis. August has peak water temperatures and therefore fishing slows down some, this will give everyone time to prepare for some great fall fishing!

Dues increase - the stockholders approved a ~16% dues increase effective for the 2018 summer fishing season. Initiated memberships will increase $50/year, uninitiated $80/year, and day passes by $5. This is our first dues increase in 10 years, which during that time saw inflation increase by 22% and fishing costs increase by 45%. We're also increasing junior and grandchild memberships by $5, and ice fishing to $80/year - this is the first increase for these in over 40 years. The construction of the Snake pipeline and Shagwa have been significant draws on our reserves. We'll apply the dues increase to re-building our reserves and maintaining the quality of our fishing program.

Snake pipeline delivering water Snake pipeline - last fall we replaced the aging Snake ditch with an 18" pipeline. The pipeline runs from the end of the concrete segment, near Minnehaha St, to the Letitia diversion and onto Snake. The pipeline worked great this spring, allowing us to fill Snake and Letitia faster and with more volume and much less water loss. We thank everyone along the reconstruction zone for your patience and support!

Shagwa approaching filled

Shagwa - we completed dredging the lake last fall in order to increase the volume of the lake. We deepened the pool in front of the dam and created a pool and channel towards the south end. We completed filling the lake in May and are now working to install a new aeration system. We stocked fathead minnows in June, and hope to stock crayfish by fall. We'll stock the lake with fish and open it for fishing spring of 2019. More details and background information on Shagwa.

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