Sept 7 - Oct 31 Fall office hours, open Wednesday & Saturday mornings
Oct 31 Fishing season closes and boats must be removed from all the lakes


Water Status - Drought conditions persisted through the spring preventing us to fill the lakes during the initial runoff. We then cycled through several periods of being "called out" which required us to turn on our exchange right during June in order to fill the lower lakes. We're presently filling Erie for as long as water is available. The monsoon conditions during late June / early July have been a big help to extending our ability to fill our upper lakes.

Rainbow Trout Fishing Report - The opening of fishing has been a big hit with fishermen catching nice fish at all the lakes. This is a bright red rainbow caught and released at Nokomis. Crystal Springs Trout Farms stocked trout (including trohpies) at all our lakes in late April / early May, except Shagwa. Aquatics Associates added a few more Donaldson trout to Shagwa in April. We stocked another round of fish at all the lakes except Shagwa during later June. If we can find a source, we'll stock a few Browns and Brooks this fall in Erie, Apache, and Nokomis. These varietals are rather expensive, roughly $8 a fish - so if you catch one take good care of it!

Boat Cleanup - we removed 15 boats from the lakes at the end of fishing season. Four of the boats were properly stickered, of the other eleven, half were in various stages of degradation / abandonment. If you forgot to remove your boat, you can arrange with the office for a time to come to our boat yard and identify it and bail it out for $200 + $5 boat registration. We want to thank everyone who removed their boats this year, the lake shores look the best we've seen in decades.

Fall 21 Projects - we worked on several projects this fall, key was redoing the toe drains at Ramona. We also did some headgate work along our primary supply ditch and dam maintenance at Hiawatha and Letitia.