Ramona is located in the heart of Red Feather Lakes, just south of the village. While it's one of our smaller lakes, it's a very good fishery that all too many of our members just drive by.

Fishing - Ramona is a very good fishery. It's eco-system supports a variety of trout (rainbows, cutbows, palominos, brooks, and browns). With access along the entire north and east shorelines, it's well suited for bait fishing. We co-sponsor the July 4th kids fishing contest at this lake and it's one of our two members only ice fishing lakes.

Gene Barker at new Ramona spillway History - Ramona was originally a classic irrigation reservoir, which had its water released during the later summer months. It was decreed in 1906 and became part of Red Feather's recreation "scene" beginning in the 1920's. The main dam was replaced in 1950 and the spillway was replaced in 1993. To the right is Gene Barker, a former Board member serving nearly 40 years, who was involved with many of RFS&I's construction projects. As for the fishery, we're managing a small infestation of perch biologically with brown trout. We tell all of our members, don't be put off by Ramona's central location - it's has excellent fishing!

Ramona depth contour